The Messenger: An Exciting Fictional Account of Paul's Letter to the Philippians

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Categories: Historical Fiction/Spiritual/Religion
Publisher: NavPress/NavPress | Date published: 09/05/2002


To anyone else, the letters had little value. But to Paul, they would be words of life. Epaphroditus would have preferred to walk from Philippi to Rome. This was the stormy season, the time when cold winds from the north mixed with warmer air over the Mediterranean, causing sudden and violent tempests. As temperatures plummeted and the wind and rain engulfed him, the young potter silently rebuked himself: 'No one in his right mind travels at this time of year. Not by sea. What were you thinking?' Unconsciously, he felt beneath his tunic for the belt at his waist and was instantly reminded of why he was on the ship. The belt was thick with mail addressed "To Paul," notes containing warm words of encouragement and prayers for Paul's quick release from prison. A few of the letters were longer, addressing deeper concerns about the church in Philippi, raising issues only an apostle could resolve. The Christians at Philippi were hurting. A stranger had triggered pandemonium in the church, spinning a web of deception and division. Leader had turned against leader, friend against friend. The apostle was their only hope. Epaphroditus had to find Paul. Would he survive the dangerous journey and get the life-giving messages to the Apostle? Would Paul be able to help the group of new believers before it's too late?

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