The Unthinkable [The Unthinkable - Book II]

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Categories: Science Fiction
Publisher: Double Dragon Publishing/Double Dragon eBooks | Date published: 10/19/2012


Lynn the Fox has been a Kazak for several years and thought she has seen it all; after all, she's a Master Kazak having killed more than five Assassins--professional killers with wizard-like talents. But life is unpredictable and the unimaginable is about to happen:

* The Kazaks encounters a new kind of Assassin--a Mind Bender--who's made two Kazaks kill their clients. Lynn knows she's not immune to new Assassin's talent, which doesn't bode well for her client.

* While protecting the teenage son of a General--the unthinkable happens--he turns on her and leaves her to die.

* A trouble-shooter for the secret Committee who funds and directs the Kazaks discovers one of their members is a traitor. She can't inform the Committee without alerting him, so she enlists Lynn to protect her from a man who has the infinite resources of the Committee while she searches for him.

* And what should have been a simple misunderstanding at a State Department security checkpoint results in a life and death encounter with a SWAT team.

But there are fun moments, if you don't mind people trying to kill you and your clients. Lynn gets to play the part of Afghan Warlord's daughter, a college student, and a homeless woman while protecting clients.

Not to mention teaching nine-five women what it takes to be a Kazak candidate--describes by one of the women as a year long "Hell Week".