Meant to Be [Happily Ever After Company, Book 3]

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Categories: Romance/Historical Fiction
Publisher: Samhain Publishing, Ltd. | Date published: 06/19/2012


When you meet your match, be ready with a fallback plan. The Happily Ever After Company, Book 3 Though proud of the number of successful matches her father has made over the years, Noelle Braddock vows never to be one of those desperate females. She can find her own husband, thank you very much. In fact, she's already chosen him. A banker who'll shower her with affection and security. She can't imagine why her father doesn't approve of such a perfect match, but it's a battle of wills she plans to win. Even when her father plays dirty by inviting a sweet-talking, buckskin-clad sharpshooter to stay the week before her wedding. Lieutenant Zackary Dane is ready to settle down with a sturdy, good-natured, cookin'-and-cleanin' female. One look at tempestuous, high-society Noelle, though, and his heart locks on target. She wants him too--she's just too stubborn to admit her father is right. Even if he can't win her hand for himself, Zack feels honor-bound to show her that her fianc´┐Ż is a lying bastard. Then Fate takes a notion to step in and wipe the slate clean--literally--with an accident that leaves Noelle with no memory. And Zack with one chance to fill her heart with what was meant to be? This book has been previously published. Warning: Contains a loving father desperate for his daughter to see the perfect man is right in front of her upturned nose. A feisty heroine with a mile-wide independence streak, and a stalwart hero who'll give it all to make her happy--even if it means sacrificing his heart.