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Categories: Gay Fiction/Romance
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press/Dreamspinner Press | Date published: 05/18/2012


"Sequel to What Happened to Jan Phillips? What do three sons--one murdered by Iraqi terrorists, one who lost his mother in a fire, and one involved with an underworld sex ring--have to do with Jan Phillips? Two sons bring fear and death, forcing Jan to wield the awesome power of his office as the North American head of Mundus, a sub rosa organization with roots in the ancient order of the Knights Templar. The other son threatens Jan's life and the world he shares with Michael Lin, his partner of twelve years. As Jan struggles to survive another man's quest for revenge, the love of fathers for their sons is the only constant among shattered lives, despoiled love, and an unknown yearning for family. 2nd edition Previously published by Book Surge Publishing (2007)