Loving the Pretty Reverend

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Categories: Romance
Publisher: Solstice Publishing/Solstice Publishing | Date published: 06/25/2012


Undercover with his friend Jake, Nolan poses as a Reverend hoping that they could discover the identity of the woman who was the leader of a vicious gang robbing and killing the innocent people using the stagecoach. Within moments of hitting town, he meets the beautiful owner of the Nightingale saloon. Since the house that comes with being the Reverend is housing a family who's home has burnt down, his pleased yet frustrated that he would be living at the saloon with the woman that had him instantly aroused the minute he meets her. However, he knows he can't do anything about the attraction between them. He just hopes he can keep his pants buttoned until the case is solved. What he doesn't expect though was only hours after settling in his room and nearly naked from his bath, he comes face to face with the lovely Mrs. Justin Kingsly. Unable to hide the evidence of his desire for her, it didn't take more than a heartbeat before she was in his arms and seconds later before he was buried inside her. Even though he realizes that she regretted making love to him, he knew it wasn't going to stop him from doing it again. However, he suddenly realizes that she's a married woman and knows he would have to keep his hands of her or he could ruin their chances on catching the murderous gang. Next morning though, he's greatly relieved to find out there is no husband, so decides he would leave it up to the lovely widow to make the first move. In the meantime, he pretends to be a Reverend and when the mayor's wife approaches him and comes on to him, he decides she's worth keeping an eye on. However, the woman is relentless in trying to get him into her bed, and his suspicion towards her grows. His friend and partner Jake decides to take the woman of his hands, but it doesn't help and his constant rejection of her advances, the mayor's wife only wants revenge but not just against him, but Justin as well.