Alpha One: The Kronan

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Categories: Science Fiction
Publisher: Eternal Press/Damnation Books LLC/Eternal Press | Date published: 05/14/2012


The Kryl are back... but this time they intend to feed! Jake Carter and Jonathan Hoskins return in the sequel to Alpha One - The Jump Pilot. The wormhole has reopened and the Kryl have returned bringing with them a vast armada under the command of the new Kronan -- Morvalt. The Kryl Queen and Morvalt's sole intent is to defeat Alpha and take Planet Earth and its people as their new food source. Jake graduates and assumes his first post aboard an Alpha Battle Cruiser; whilst his girlfriend Carla Stevenson joins the Senate in a diplomatic post and his friend Steve Costello scrapes through graduation and assumes a Jump Ship post on the front line. Morvalt takes control of Jakes mind and forces him to join the Queen aboard the Queens ship, whilst his fleet continue their relentless advance to Earth. Alpha's defenses are stretched to the full as the battle rages and Jake Carter, Jonathan Hoskins Carla Stevenson and Steve Costello become embroiled in a battle to save the Earth. Excerpt: Morvalt left the Queen's sanctuary, pleased that she seemed to have rediscovered her faith in him. He would start to build his invasion fleet immediately. Her obsession with Jake Carter concerned him and he did not understand why. Was her self-obsession with this human natural and was it detracting her from their main objective? Why was he so important? Morvalt surrendered his mind to his thoughts momentarily and shuddered when he realized why Carter could be so important and why she would want him alive. Was Jake Carter to be the killer of his Queen as well as Navalion? If that was the case, could he allow Carter to live and carry out his path? Morvalt continued his reflection as he boarded the shuttle and ordered a return to his ship. He knew his people were in trouble. It did not matter that they were powerful; without a sustainable and abundant food supply, they would all die. Carter could wait, at least for now; whilst he reflected on the best course of action. One thing was certain; he would not allow the Queen to be killed by Carter or anyone else. He would take Earth and create a permanent source of feeding for his people and then he would take his place beside his Queen.