Commonwealth Universe: Modern Era: True Caderi

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Categories: Science Fiction
Publisher: Writers Exchange E-Publishing | Date published: 06/04/2012


Qinda was a nobody, surviving on her wits, and cursed with genetics that hinted at unusual gifts. Strong enough hints to make a powerful, domineering old woman chase her across the star systems to gain possession of her. When her safe home on an agricultural planet is threatened by her enemy, Qinda and her husband know the only way to keep them all alive and safe is to split up, and hope to reach the Commonwealth where they can request sanctuary. But along the way, someone even more powerful finds Qinda's trail, and he has the law on his side when he takes her prisoner. Adlan Caderi has been seeking the power to rule the universe and break the Leaper monopoly, and Qinda is the final element of his plan, the last piece of the puzzle -- or so he hopes. He had her bred, and she is his property. But the only way he can win is to win her loyalty and her love, and implant in her the dream of power that has carried the Caderi clan for generations. The struggle to make Qinda a "true Caderi" will endanger both their lives, and awaken her to the question: Is she willing to gain the universe, at the cost of her soul?

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