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Categories: Suspense/Thriller
Publisher: E-Reads/E-Reads | Date published: 01/01/1976


"All hands to battle stations." The words still haunt Jack Hardy, even after thirty years. As a young Navy lieutenant, he watched as his submarine, the U.S.S. Candlefish mysteriously vanished in the Pacific amidst an attack by an unseen enemy. Now, the Candlefish has emerged out of its own shadows, fully intact and in perfect working order, miles from Pearl Harbor. Only a return to the scene of the original incident can answer the question of what strange forces stole the lives of his crew. As Hardy leads a new team toward Latitude 30 North--a place known as the Devil's Triangle--he realizes he must solve a riddle from the past or finally meet his fate. As they near their destination, the ghostboat begins to reveal its secrets?and all may be headed toward a watery grave. -- George E. Simpson and Neal R. Burger titles at E-Reads: BLACKBONE; FAIR WARNING, GHOSTBOAT; SEVERED TIES; THIN AIR