Commonwealth Universe: History: The Downfall: The Colonies: The Moonbirds

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Categories: History
Publisher: Writers Exchange E-Publishing | Date published: 04/05/2012


K'reeth and her sister, K'rin, were named for the moonbirds -- sister raptor birds who shared parenting duties, one the nurturer, the other the hunter and defender. Orphaned by catastrophe and adopted by the High Mistrada of the T'bredi scholars, they were teachers, entrusted with all the gathered wisdom of the Ayanlak. Their bond of sisterhood was tested when K'reeth fell in love with the Wind Walker, Talon. Then it was strained when the new peace with the Na'huma invaders included a promise to send home all the Na'huma children who had been rescued by and raised among the Ayanlak -- and K'reeth was the first. Her forced journey to be reunited with a family she didn't even remember eventually took both sisters across the continent and into the nest of political intrigue and contention that could tear their world apart, on the very brink of peace and the fulfillment of ancient prophecy.

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