Romancing the Dragon

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Categories: Erotica/Gay-Lesbian Erotica
Publisher: Amira Press | Date published: 04/04/2012


When private investigator Mark Jacobs gets a call to investigate a bunch of stolen necklaces, he thinks it's a cut-and-dry case. His client, Sylvia Brown, was dropped off at her house by her escort, Alec. The next day, the necklaces were gone. Easy money, Mark thinks. It's anything but that. Alec didn't steal the necklaces. In fact, Alec isn't even human. He is a shape-shifting creature called a Zodiac. On top of that, there is a blue-eyed stalker who is hunting him down. Unfortunately, that blue-eyed stalker is also a Zodiac, one that claims that he will do anything to make Mark his.