Patriot: At Any Cost

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Categories: Historical Fiction/Romance
Publisher: Eternal Press/Damnation Books LLC/Eternal Press | Date published: 10/07/2011


A World War II 'Homefront' Adventure Lillian wants nothing more than to join the war effort, especially since her childhood sweetheart is headed to war -- and promising to write -- to her gorgeous adversary, Celia. Her accidental introduction to injured pilot Callahan sets her on an unexpected path. She joins the Civil Patrol, but suspects the war will hardly be coming to Maine's quiet shores. Or, will it? Excerpt: They were far from the sight or sound of people. She could hardly outpace him back. She bit back a cry or any sign of the desperation welling up in her. What was he doing out here on this empty stretch of beach in the wee hours of the morning? The 'Priscilla Rose' bobbed at her mooring, but were any fishermen aboard? Lill guessed not. 'Right as rain right as rain,' echoed in her mind. What did Mike really know about Callahan? This strong-looking man who didn't join up as any good American would, who wandered along beaches on the darkest of nights? He could easily guess her house sat empty. He would know she lived alone. Unprotected. Why else would he be here? She tried to tell herself that she was merely being silly. Of course there would be some innocent explanation. Of course any gentleman would see a lady home. The faint odor of lilacs greeted her. They were nearly to the granite stairway. His hand caught hers. She gulped back her exclamation. His fingers closed over hers as if he held delicate flowers. "The steps." They'd be at the house in a minute. At her silent, empty house, with no one there to see. Oh, what innocent explanation could there be? How foolish she had been! She had invited this, whatever happened. Her bare feet scraped on the rough-hewn rock. Her heart raced and she could hear her own loud breathing. The white of the picket fence gate stood out in the darkness. It marked the top edge of the bluff path. She thought of the cliff's edge. Time stood still as she paused there, one hand on the gate, her mind spinning desperately against the unimaginable fate before her. The cliff seemed the only way; the jagged rocks, far below, her only escape. She would simply run forward ?