Armageddon [Clone Wars Book I]

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Categories: Erotica/Erotic Science Fiction
Publisher: New Concepts Publishing | Date published: 02/01/6006


In a world where natural disasters have created hardship and social unrest, a breakthrough in medical science brings about a ray of hope. Scientists learn how to manipulate the DNA strands to obliterate genetic disorders, and also to beautify. Those who can afford it rush to correct weight problems, difficult hair, eye color, more pleasing body shapes, and so on. Those who can't are disgruntled until they discover these things are covered by social medicine and available to all. The improvements the government manages to make in living conditions and the preoccupation with the 'new toy' calms the waters. Things become pleasantly peaceful once more--and then unnervingly peaceful. Whispers begin to circulate that people are being replaced. Lena dismisses it--at first. When a man well known to her, an anarchist, seems to make an abrupt 360 degree turn in his politics, though, she becomes seriously alarmed. Nigel, her older brother, a tech for a genetics lab, dismisses her concerns and Lena is almost convinced--until she comes face to face with the assassin sent to silence her. Imprisoned, the handsome, golden haired rebel known as Dax, may be Lena's only hope of salvation, but can she trust that his agenda is the same as her own? For if someone is replacing people with controllable replicas of themselves, how can one ever be sure that anyone is who you think they are?