In The Name Of Joanna

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Categories: Mystery/Crime/Suspense/Thriller
Publisher: Solstice Publishing/Solstice Publishing | Date published: 02/14/2012


FUELLED BY OBSESSION AND GREED, 'IN THE NAME OF JOANNA' IS A MYSTERY AND A COMPELLING STORY OF LOVE, FRIENDSHIP, LOYALTY Samantha was happy enough with her life in Dublin. Now working in the manor house of Glendora - where a woman named Joanna died a year before - she finds herself torn between her romantic feelings for a man who people around her seem to believe is a murderer and her loyalties to those who have befriended her. As she struggles to break the enigma that is Damon Bartholomew, temptingly close but hidden beneath the surface, something she can't quite perceive, shifts and changes as a shocking discovery begins to emerge. Her dilemmas and choices are forever changing as secrets are discovered, and Samantha must play a waiting each, in their turn reveal their true natures. The underlying questions are: Was Joanna murdered? And can a woman, who has been conditioned to love men who are bad for her, go so far as to knowingly fall in love with a cold-blooded murderer? It seems she can. As a determined wraith begins to slip back through the cracks between this world and the must wonder, can the spirit avenge murder? Is death really the final straw? Samantha has always thought so...until now...but... she has second thoughts

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