Sweet Science, Hard Love

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Categories: Erotica/Erotic Science Fiction/Gay Fiction
Publisher: eXtasy eBooks/eXtasy Books | Date published: 01/15/2012


Briant Latten is a boxer in the year 2070. The sport has been deemed too archaic and not entertaining enough for the modern audience. Only die-hard fans watch it, and with only one fight guaranteed to air left on the network schedule, boxing could become extinct. But all Briant has ever wanted to do was fight both in and for the sport he loves. The plan is to get his best friend Kaden to fight him?naked. Boxing is the last sport to go naked, as audiences crave their combination of nudity and violence after many years of censorship under tight network control. There's one big problem with this plan, aside from convincing the International Boxing Guild, and that's Briant's growing attraction to Kaden. The one rule in any sport which will have live coverage, no matter the network, is no erections. Will Briant, and therefore boxing, be doomed before the first bell? Or will there be such a sensation over their naked fight that their success will make it impossible for them to be together?