The Shadow Twins

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Categories: Young Adult/Suspense/Thriller
Publisher: Solstice Publishing/Solstice Publishing | Date published: 02/10/2012


Thea and Kane are bored! After 185 immortal years of traveling the world, the teenage twins and their adoptive mother, Caroline, want to settle down in a nice, quiet town, away from their restless government. Alderville, Oregon, seems like the right place? Mallory has no friends? In one summer, all her BFFs (and her grandmother) move away and Mallory Harper's starting high school with no one to hang out with. Well, she could always try to talk to Leigh-Anne, the grade's most popular girl--who happens to be Mallory's neighbour--but Leigh-Anne's weird. Besides, Mallory wants something more, something interesting? When they meet, horrible things happen? Ever since she introduced herself to her new neighbours, Mallory suspected that there was something off about the Blackthorn twins, like how they had bright, violet eyes, and how they observed everything, and how everyone wanted to know them. When she asks, the twins tell her--and prove to her--that they're Vampires, and that there's a whole other world with creatures just like them: the Shadow World. But just as Mallory's starting to adjust to this impossible phenomenon, disaster strikes. When the neighboring city, Langstone, receives anonymous funds to boost their police force, the local gangs and criminals migrate to the unsuspecting Alderville and soon control the small town. Kane and Thea decide to do something--they're Vampires, after all, legend's most powerful predators, and they like Alderville--even if it means blowing their cover and moving again. But when Mallory is kidnapped at a party, the twins don't even have to think about what they have to do, what they need to do. What would you do for your best friends? The Shadow Twins is the first part of a saga filled with bouts of extreme power, strong friendships, and lots and lots of blood.

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