Adventurer: Pannar Problem

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Categories: Science Fiction/Mainstream
Publisher: Club Lighthouse Publishing USA LLC/Club Lighthouse Publishing USA | Date published: 01/29/2012


James Aquila is now in the merchant adventurer business. The space travel device that James used in Adventurer -- Simulation Problem is now powered on at least once a day, for testing. One day, something comes out of the space travel device when it's powered on. The something is a job assignment for James Aquila, from the Keegor. The job involves a planet where an advanced people, the Pannar, have conquered the most advance civilization on the planet. The Pannar are holding any number of people as more or less slaves. The most advanced civilization on the planet in question is at the stage of castles and heavy, armored cavalry. All James Aquila has to do is to fight his way through perhaps a thousand armored knights, then dispatch two or three dozen giant Pannar and then destroy the space travel device that allows the Pannar to send some medicine plants back to the Pannar home world. (Later, the Keegor may have some really difficult tasks for James Aquila.) He's sent into the alien world with a high tech sword and knife, a meteor hammer Kung-Fu weapon, a bow and arrows. He also has his brain. He's gonna need everything. The only way that James can succeed is to get help from the natives of the planet. The only way that James can get help from the natives is to show them that he and they can defeat the Pannar. It's non-stop adventure.