Artie and the Red-Headed Woman

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Categories: Mainstream
Publisher: Untreed Reads Publishing/Untreed Reads Publishing | Date published: 02/13/2012


It's Christmastime in New York, and with a fresh stash of watches and fine jewelry in his athletic bag, Artie is riding the bus home. A red-headed woman cross the aisle catches his attention, particularly since she seems so sad and so familiar. When the bus has engine trouble and the cops arrive, Artie and the woman both have urgent reasons to get away as fast as they can, Artie with his stash and Gina from her father, an old friend of Artie's. All is not what it seems with Gina, and the Christmas season brings more surprises wrapped up in the beautiful red-headed woman than Artie ever expected. This is the second installment in The Artie Crimes short story series.