Night of a Thousand Jeters

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Categories: Mainstream
Publisher: Untreed Reads Publishing/Untreed Reads Publishing | Date published: 01/30/2012


Will immersion in sports help two adopted Cambodian boys with special needs navigate their way towards a beautiful American manhood? Will the author-queer, white, far from rich-survive the difficulties, mistakes, stupidities, flaws, longings and pitfalls of parenthood? Will their beloved Manhattan, in the aftermath of 9/11, survive invasion by the nation's wealthy elite? Will their beloved Cambodia take history's brutal lessons to heart, or will these be overshadowed by newly built towers of conspicuous consumption that encourage everyone to shop 'til they drop? Will a pickup baseball game near the George Washington Bridge reignite their dreams, bestowing them all with wit, hope and grace? Reader: read on. A short work from our Nibs literary line.

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