The Best Of Bainstorming - Highlights From The Newsletters

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Categories: Humor
Publisher: Double Dragon Publishing/Double Dragon eBooks | Date published: 01/03/2012


As you may note in the introductory paragraph of my first newsletter below, I had a purpose for beginning to publish a newsletter in a monthly format. However, as time went on, I found that I really enjoyed writing it, much more than I thought I would. It has also become quite popular, even with readers who have never read one of my books or stories. I guess that shows I'm doing something right! And I'll confess right here, I never imagined in my wildest dreams that my newsletters would become popular enough and interesting enough for a book publisher to want them. I guess it's like everything else. Some ideas don't work well and others turn into something really good that you hadn't even thought of at first.

Only the highlights of the newsletters are being published here, the rambling part, so to speak. I have also edited here and there and added explanatory footnotes in places. Feel welcome to just scroll on down or flip the pages if you're reading this as a book and you like to browse.

I devoted much more space in the first newsletters to promotion of my books than I do now. My Progress Report is one of the smallest sections of the latest newsletters. My monthly Book Report section, where I list and review books I've read during the month that I liked a lot, has grown. But most of all, I found that I liked just rambling, like you'll see here, on whatever subject takes my fancy, and that's what takes up most of the space in my newsletters now. My wife Betty asked me once where I get all the ideas for the topics. It's really pretty simple and no great secret. I've found that as I grow older I have to make lots of lists in order to avoid forgetting chores, or not remembering what I went to the grocery store for, and so forth. So I keep a little notepad by my computer, one by my easy chair and one by my bed. Whenever an idea for a subject pops into my head, usually stimulated by something I've read or by talking with Betty (yes, we're one of those couples who not only talk to each other a lot, we listen to each other), I write it down. I also put thoughts there for future stories or notes to help me remember something about the subjects I'm currently working on. I usually have several books and/or projects going at the same time, so even if I weren't getting older, I'd probably need to do this sort of thing anyway.

I like receiving letters from fans and readers. I can be e-mailed from my web site Like most folks, I don't use regular mail any more except to pay bills and for a very few other things.

Ready? Okay, Go! Have fun and may you always have happy reading and time to pursue what is one of the most pleasurable of human activities.

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