Moon of Sacrifice

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Categories: Erotica/Paranormal Erotica/Romance
Publisher: Total-e-bound | Date published: 09/26/2011


Falling in love with the enemy might mean certain death... Latah Donovan senses the leader of the Seraynian people is telling an outright lie but how does she prove it and will the consequence be certain death? If only she could provide indisputable evidence that the instability of the dimension isn't due to the causes Gellas outlines, her family would have a chance to escape the fear his untruths are stirring deep within their hearts. However, a little pleasure along the way wouldn't hurt either. Latah creates her own world, a trucker's stop and waits for the perfect man. When Cobb Tyler shows up and sees the beautiful, sexy, nearly naked woman, he can't think of anything else but sex. Will he be able to keep the essence of the promise to his dead wife? He has no idea he's about to become involved in dramatic events that will change his future. Can he walk away from the young woman who might force him to reduce his vows to ashes? He is about to discover the secret behind who he really is. Can he stand the truth? Will Latah realize, too late, she's been sleeping with the enemy and death is only moments away?