Candy Cain

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Categories: Erotica
Publisher: Whispers Publishing | Date published: 12/16/2011


When it comes to a few of her favorite things, raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens aren't exactly what Candy has in mind at Christmas. Those things are fine if your head is in the clouds. A high powered lawyer doesn't have the luxury. When her car is run off the road by a deviant--a sexy deviant, she finds herself in a compromised position--horizontal. If she wants to stay warm and alive, she doesn't have a choice but to keep him close. While a blizzard rages, the only heat she and Cain are able to turn up in his truck is sexual attraction, and they have it on high.

Dog bites and bee stings are nothing compared to what Cain feels when his emotions are slammed into high gear. What would a sophisticated woman want with a struggling author who can't pay his bills? Nevertheless the Winter Wonderland surrounding them temps them into melting a spring thaw. But can they sustain the passion and find the joy of the holidays when danger passes?