The Trail

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Categories: Horror
Publisher: Eternal Press/Damnation Books LLC/Damnation Books | Date published: 12/01/2011


Alone in the woods...THINK AGAIN A college reunion camping trip turns deadly when a deranged mountain man stalks the Appalachian Trail. As two young couples struggle for survival, they encounter the bizarre rituals of a backwoods cult and confront the consequences of their own dark secrets. Excerpt: The man in the red shirt started running toward them again- Dan stood still, adjusting his grip on the branch. Closer. Closer. CLOSER. Dan swung and missed, the branch connected with the trunk of a giant pine tree. The man grabbed Dan's hair, yanked back his head, and slit his throat. Blood erupted from the gash and spilled down the front of Dan's shirt, bubbled over his belt, and splattered onto the tops of his hiking boots. Dan's eyes bulged as he stared back at her. She thought he was making one last attempt at communication, but he was already dead. The man let go and Dan's limp body fell to a heap by the side of the trail. Now her fear reached a climax. She could not speak. She could not move. She looked at the man, his dirty face, his crooked grin. The man took a few playful swipes with his knife, clearly delighted by her terror. He grabbed her face and smelled her hair and started to laugh, a high, frenzied cackle. He threw her down and pounced on top. He slipped the knife just under her ribs and heard a delicate squeak. The pain was tremendous. The air rushed out of her body. He laughed again. He didn't want to pierce her heart, didn't want to kill her yet. He wanted this to last a while.

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