Brutal Light

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Categories: Dark Fantasy
Publisher: Eternal Press/Damnation Books LLC/Damnation Books | Date published: 12/01/2011


When the light comes? pray for darkness. All Kagami Takeda wants is to be left alone, so that no one else can be destroyed by the madness she keeps at bay. Her connection to the Radiance--a merciless and godlike sea of light--has driven her family insane and given her lover strange abilities and terrible visions. But the occult forces that covet her access to the Radiance are relentless in their pursuit. Worse, the Radiance itself has created an enemy who can kill her--a fate that would unleash its brutal light on a defenseless city?. Excerpt: A ripple through her nocturne body halted all introspection. She heard a low growl from too close, accompanied by a musky scent. Kagami fought down panic when she saw the light was almost gone. Just enough remained to silhouette the massive shape of the lion on the path. Just enough to catch his sharp teeth and light a fire in his eyes. Kagami was unsure if the crackle in her senses came from fear or excitement. She was acutely aware that she lacked any defense. The lion padded closer. Kagami had no thought of running, not that running could have saved her. Even in the dark, she could feel the flex of his muscles and sinews, the weight of his body and the heat of his breath. She knew how she would taste when he ripped her flesh from her bones. She ran her fingers through the lion's mane. His breath was hot on her belly. The lion's eyes held her gaze while the rest of the light seeped away. When all was dark, the lion's eyes still blazed.

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