Blood Bond

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Categories: Horror
Publisher: Charles River Press | Date published: 10/30/2011


The crimes against the Bartwell sisters happened long before their births. A mysterious payoff begins a whirlwind of blood. Only discovering the secret to their horrific history will make their troubles vanish, hopefully, before they're added to the body count. Full Synopsis Abigail Bartwell has a problem. Her sister, Senna, has been coming home late at night. She's also been acting paranoid, much like their mother used to before she finally lost her mind. During the last late night occurrence, Senna came home covered in blood and carrying a check for a quarter of a million dollars, money she shouldn't have. More odd things come into Abigail's life. The more pleasant one is a man by the name of Cody who breaks into her apartment under the guise of returning keys. He knows about Senna and he's not talking. He also knows about Abigail's insane mother. Abigail tries to discover if Senna is following in their mother's murderous footsteps. She doubts her sanity as voices haunt her along with the scent of lavender. Abigail suspects that people are following her. She just doesn't know why. If she can figure it out, maybe the blood and money will make sense. Then again, she's not certain she will live long enough to unravel the mystery.