Lady Jaguar

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Categories: Erotica/Paranormal Erotica/Romance
Publisher: Total-e-bound | Date published: 08/29/2011


Appearances can be truly deceptive . . . On a rain-soaked day on the Montana Hi-Line, Steve Barrett, the driver of an eighteen-wheeler, witnesses the most incredible sight of his life on the side of the road. A dangerous jaguar has shifted into a beautiful, nearly naked woman. Or has the female morphed into a jaguar? He isn't certain but he's determined to find out, even though the ultimate cost will be a whole lot of passionate sex and the startling discoveries of the secrets he hoped he'd buried in his long, dark past. Raine Nichols is from the planet Seraynia where the leader has warned everyone that the dimension in which they are living is becoming highly unstable. The Seraynians must make the shift into animal form to complete the life-saving journey to Earth, but unknown to the High Council, there have been a few Seraynians who have made the trip for pleasure only. Raine has done so and begins to believe that the emotional intensity involved in shifting, or renversing, has created major problems. She isn't prepared for irrepressible sexual obsession and for falling in love with a handsome man she can never truly have. If only Steve and she knew each other's true identities...