Rich & Famous

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Categories: Erotica/Erotic Romance/Gay Fiction
Publisher: MLR Press, LLC/MLR Press, LLC | Date published: 12/05/2011


Jimmie Jack Lomax is out on his front porch, taking a world of grief from his sister, who can't quite wrap her head around his desire to be famous or his sense of style. Then his date---Sheriff Boyd Gooch---shows up in an impounded pick-up and takes him out for a spin in the country. After a quick and dirty session on the bench seat of the pick-up, Boyd dumps Jimmie Jack out in a roadside ditch and leaves him flat. Jimmie Jack is almost flattened again---literally this time---by the sexy, but larcenous, Wade. Wade's plan to achieve Jimmie Jack's goal of fame and riches isn't exactly on the up and up, but what's a guy to do?