A Storm Upon Ulster - Son Of The Sidhe: Book Three

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Categories: Fantasy
Publisher: Double Dragon Publishing/Double Dragon eBooks | Date published: 11/06/2011


Out if the grey mists of an Irish dawn, a woman of the Sidhe whispered to the champion Cuchulain of a great adventure?of a majestic queen of flaming red-gold hair?of dew-drenched meadows where war chariots prepared for battle?of obscene incantations chanted by the evil druid Calatin to turn the blackest magic against the warriors of Ulster.

The wind whispered again and Cuchulain, the Hound of Ulster, felt the chill of death. He knew that only he could stop the bloody slaughter. Only he dared to stand alone against the armies of Eire?alone against the terrible beauty of Meave, an angry Irish queen.

This greatest of all the Irish mythological tales is the 300 Spartans of the Celts, the Troy of Ireland. Theodore Sturgeon, renowned sci-fi writer and critic, calls this tale, "splendidly structured and paced, full of brilliant scenes, smells, sounds, conflict, adventure, magic; and it is recommend most highly." (Twilight Zone Magazine). It is "a genuine epic, steeped in Celtic Legend." (Omaha World Herald)