Rogue Within

by Mima
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Categories: Erotica/Erotic Romance/Romance
Publisher: Atlantic Bridge/Liquid Silver Books | Date published: 10/24/2011


What if the most dishonorable and despised of shapeshifters married a princess of the Cities? Donte let the darkmages think they'd claimed his beastspirit and for that treason his people condemned him. When a princess of the Cities, against all sense, accepts his offer to Bond, he joins with her knowing he can add her to his arsenal--a valuable tool in his war against the darkmages. But when the dust clears and he should be able to disappear into his bear, he discovers she's not quite done with him. Moriko is desperate to save her Kingdom from the darkmages' chaotic revolution. The lonely princess discovers a connection with a vengeful loner. He bursts into her dreams, a dominant hunter more willful than anyone she's ever met. The passionate lover who seemed wounded reveals himself to be a stone cold killer willing to endanger her and her City. And still, Moriko will not give him up. He's hers and she'll hold him, even against himself.