Infestation Cubed

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Categories: Suspense/Thriller
Publisher: Harlequin/Gold Eagle Outlanders | Date published: 11/07/2011



On postapocalyptic Earth, humanity fights for survival against alien oppressors. Orchestrating the resistance in an ever-shifting battle, the Cerberus rebels confront a new level of dark manipulation. At the helm, a mind-controlling stone god plotting to reforge the planet. Now, the walls of the Cerberus stronghold have been breached and humanity's soldiers are scattered, racing toward the unknown.


Hewn from living stone, Ullikummis, the new would-be master of Earth, has been repelled for the moment. But he has Brigid Baptiste to lure Kane and Grant on a dangerous pursuit through the darkened swamps of Louisiana. In a treacherous land full of crazed Outlanders, vampiric raiders and genetic mutations, a cadre of soldiers and scientists are conducting a horrifying experiment in parasitic mind control. But true evil has yet to reveal itself, as the alliance scrambles to regroup-before humankind loses its last and only hope.