Memories Over Time

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Categories: Erotica/Multicultural-Interracial Erotica/Romance
Publisher: Whispers Publishing | Date published: 10/14/2011


Jett, the perfect name for a handsome, powerfully built man with a body that just won't quit. Mia, the slender dark-haired, dark-skinned beauty is more than his match, in bed and out of it. Jett knows Mia the second his fingers slide down her satiny skin. But it isn't possible; this is the first time they have met. Strange dreams of passionate sex with her starting from the beginning of time control his thoughts. His love for her follows him through the eras. Jett can't get the taste of her lips from his mind. Mia is his. He knows it; all he has to do is prove it to her. Mia is hired as Jett's bodyguard. The man fascinates her. His tales of reincarnation are thought provoking and disturbing. How can the man think they were lovers in past lives? The strange underwater cave he takes her in is filled with hieroglyphics. The imagery drags her in and plays with her inner most thoughts. Perhaps they were lovers in a past life, brought together in this life now. The only thing Mia is certain of is that she wants Jett. She will stop at nothing to keep him safe from those who would destroy them both for the secrets in the stone.