The Tall, Dark Alibi

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Categories: Romance
Publisher: Harlequin/Harlequin Treasury - Harlequin Intrigue | Date published: 10/31/2011



Everything was strangely familiar

though somehow Kendall Butler recognized that The Rose Tattoo and some of her old friends weren't exactly the same. But the raven-haired hunk standing before her was definitely the man pictured in the locket she'd been admiring...just before everything went blank.

Jonas Revell didn't know how she was, or how she'd suddenly appeared, and until he did, he planned to keep her close-even if she had to pose as his mail-order bride to stay that way. He was already accused of the murder of one woman-his bride of four hours-and it looked mighty suspicious that he'd found another so quickly...especially one who tempted him so much.