A Beth-Hill Novel: Karen Montgomery Companion Story: Russ' Story: Capture

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Categories: Fantasy
Publisher: Writers Exchange E-Publishing | Date published: 09/29/2011


Long before Russell Moore ever met Karen Montgomery or set foot in Beth-Hill, he was a vampire hunter. A very good vampire hunter. Quite possibly the best vampire hunter of them all. He brought down whole nests of vampires, caring little about the consequences of his actions; anyone who lived with or helped the vampires were enemies. It was easier that way, not to think of them as people. Only an idiot would go so far as to capture a vampire hunter and try to reform him--or her. Ethan Walker was that idiot. He only wanted to protect his family. To show Russ that vampires weren't all evil, soulless creatures. To give him a glimpse of their lives; of their humanity, in the hope that they could, perhaps, live in peace.