A Groom For Gwen

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Categories: Romance
Publisher: Harlequin/Harlequin Treasury - Harlequin Romance '90s | Date published: 09/12/2011



He was heaven-sent

Jake Stoner, with his devil-may-care smile and coolly assessing eyes, seemed the answer to Gwen Ashton's prayers. But had she been too impulsive in hiring a complete stranger to help on her ranch?

Dreaming of a real home for herself and her young niece, Gwen recognized Jake was unlikely husband material. He was a drifter, a man who needed-wanted-no one. He'd said he would stay for as long as she needed him-could she persuade him that her need was forever?

Falling in love sometimes needs a little help from above!

"Jeanne Allan displays a real talent for mixing sexual tension and gripping characters with an exciting storyline."Romantic Times