The Apocalypse Program

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Categories: Suspense/Thriller/Mainstream
Publisher: Club Lighthouse Publishing USA LLC/Club Lighthouse Publishing | Date published: 07/23/2011


Matthew Johnson comes out of a supposed deep sleep, only to find he is bound to a chair, a hood over his head. As his mind clears, he remembers his drugged abduction, quick and professional. He is soon subjected to a beating for answers to questions that he does not know. What becomes clear is the reason. He is a Secret Intelligence Service analyst. In the course of his normal duties he comes across a file containing up to date intelligence on wanted terrorist Mohammed Abdul Ibrahim not contained in the Service's open file. Plunged into something he knows nothing about, and wants to know nothing about, Johnson just wants out, to return to his life. But he has to negotiate his safety against ruthless opponents.

Also Available from Christopher Robert Anderson