Toppers [The Hilarious Remembrances of Vietnam Vets Darrell Bain and Will Stafford]

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Categories: Humor/General Nonfiction
Publisher: Double Dragon Publishing/Double Dragon eBooks | Date published: 08/07/2011


Two old coots, both Vietnam veterans, make life hilarious for everyone as each tries to top the other's stories. Their wives call them lazy. They claim to be efficient. One thing is certain: neither of them will ever be accused of understating the truth!

Tall tales or not (and they claim they're not), you will find yourself going along for the ride as Darrell Bain narrates the beginning of an electronic friendship between himself and Will Stafford. The two Vietnam veterans hit it off immediately when they run across each other on the web. Darrell is promoting his first novel, Medics Wild and lists it under Military humor. Will finds it there and asks what it is about. And from there on?well, you'll just have to rev up your funny bone and prepare to be entertained in a way you never have before!

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