Feels Like Home

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Categories: Romance
Publisher: Harlequin/Harlequin Superromance | Date published: 08/15/2011


he's planning a wedding...not a romance!

Keeping up appearances is Yvonne Delisle's forte. But this job is going to test even her Southern belle mettle! It's not challenging enough she only has six weeks to turn a ramshackle carriage house into the hottest society wedding venue in Virginia. It's also located on her ex-husband Aidan's family vineyard. The home-and the man-she yearned for.

But Yvonne's up for the challenge. In the time since things went south with Aidan, she's become the most sought-after wedding planner in the state-popular enough to arrange her former mother-in-law's second wedding. Except...it's becoming suspiciously clear she wasn't hired for her professional expertise. Someone is plotting a reconciliation...and Yvonne is more tempted by the day. Let's see who actually walks down that aisle