The Alliance

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Categories: Science Fiction
Publisher: Eternal Press/Damnation Books LLC/Eternal Press | Date published: 07/07/2011


The First Born lead an alliance against the Federation. An ambitious sergeant-at-arms, a vengeful pontiff and a ruthless gambler are unlikely allies, but each plays their part as First Born take their place in the struggle to limit the evil of the Federation. When Rachael, and then Kayelle join in, an alliance is formed and the Federation's days of untrammeled expansion are done. Join the Alliance as they roam the universe, using guile and courage to bring freedom to all. Excerpt: Anneke stood beside him now in an outfit from the top Xanadu fashion house, a stunning creation that barely did her justice. "Keep your mind on the business in hand," she warned. "The wedding guests might be shocked." His expression had given him away. Anneke could read him like a book. It was just as well she'd never taken up gambling. There was a daunting intelligence behind that beautiful face. Peter, the father of the groom, was strolling towards them, chatting with a pair of the guests, a husband and wife from Thanatos--rulers there apparently. "Hullo, Helene," Anneke greeted them. "Kamran behaving himself?" The man answered, "Greetings, Traveler Girl, I spoke to Red earlier and expected to see you. Are you still causing trouble?" These people were friends. They'd shared dangerous times and trusted each other. "How are the children?" Anneke ignored the question. "Kayelle has taken charge of them," the woman was smiling at the interplay between Anneke and her husband. "Last I saw was Roderick riding the Southern Tetrarch around the house while Lucy encouraged him with a carpet beater." Dakar shook his head. Kayelle's great grandfather was old enough to know better. "Kamran, this is Dakar. The man I told you about," Peter made the introduction. "I'd suggest you talk to him later. Thanatos is equidistant from Viridia and Xanadu and provides a fine stopover with great scenery for tourists. You could make it part of the Grand Tour." Dakar sensed that these two had been fighting soldiers, their experiences marking them apart from other men, their gaze direct, probing until his shoulders squared unconsciously. "Stop it, you two," Anneke warned. "He's with me." "Does he know how dangerous that is?" Kamran was smiling. "She put fear into men I would have said were immune to weakness." "That was me," Peter spoke mildly. Kamran turned to study his companion. "I can believe that." He nodded thoughtfully, obviously remembering the incident. "We can fight old battles another day," Anneke put a stopper to the exchange. "This is my brother's wedding day." "Where's the groom?"