Children of The Pentagram

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Categories: Horror/Mystery/Crime
Publisher: Club Lighthouse Publishing USA LLC/Club Lighthouse Publishing | Date published: 07/05/2011


The nightmare begins when Stephen Miller's tortured body is found in an open field. Police had been looking to question him in connection with the murder of his five-year-old daughter, Christina. After the body of a second victim, Kenneth Collins, turns up, police begin to suspect a serial murderer. Police wanted Collins for molesting his daughter, Jennifer. The same methods of torture were used on both men, and each victim had a pentagram tattooed on his chest. Encouraged by her husband, Ernest, also a Denver detective, and determined to overcome her overbearing, sexist superior, Lobato vows to root out the evil cultists responsible for molesting and murdering the city's children. Copeland, the Supervisor of the Major Crimes Unit, continuously hounds her for answers involving the case, making it obvious that he doesn't feel a female is capable of solving the murders. Intimidating female officer, Stevi Jones, has been jealous of Lobato since day one. Lobato has her suspicions about Jones, and about Dr. Stone, Christina's therapist. To complicate the case, she suspects that the masked vigilante the press has dubbed Angel of the Mourning, is also on the cult's trail and is avenging the children by torturing and murdering members of the cult. Her suspicions are confirmed when Jason Thompson's body is discovered, a tattooed pentagram on his chest as well. In Lobato's most challenging and disturbing case ever, she needs to track down not only the children's killers, but this killer of killers. In her mind, she struggles with a question: Is this avenger no better than the cultists, or is it someone meting out punishment to the fit the crime?