Wireless Security: Models, Threats, and Solutions

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Categories: Technology/Science
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Companies | Date published: 06/07/2002


REAL-WORLD WIRELESS SECURITY This comprehensive guide catalogs and explains the full range of the security challenges involved in wireless communications. Experts Randall K. Nichols and Panos C. Lekkas lay out the vulnerabilities, response options, and real-world costs connected with wireless platforms and applications. Read this book to develop the background and skills to-- * Recognize new and established threats to wireless systems * Close gaps that threaten privary, profits, and customer loyalty * Replace temporary, fragmented, and partial solutions with more robust and durable answers * Prepare for the boom in m-business * Weigh platforms against characteristic attacks and protections * Apply clear guidelines for the best solutions now and going forward * Assess today's protocol options and compensate for documented shortcomings A COMPREHENSIVE GUIDE TO THE STATE OF THE ART * Encryption algorithms you can use now * End-to-end hardware solutions and field programmable gate arrays * Speech cryptology * Authentication strategies and security protocols for wireless systems * Infosec and infowar experience * Adding satellites to your security mix

Also Available from Randall K. Nichols, Panos Lekkas