Unlike Others (Classic Lesbian Pulp)

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Categories: Mainstream/Gay Fiction
Publisher: SRS Internet Publishing/Digital Vintage Pulps | Date published: 06/15/2011


Jo works for the publisher of a small magazine. She is very good at what she does and enjoys the challenges that come with her job. Jo is not looking for love, having just ended a relationship with Karen who used her and cheated on her. No, Jo is going to focus on her work and stay away from women? until she meets Betsy at work. She is surprised to be so strongly attracted to Betsy, but resolves to stay away from her. Betsy appears to be straight and has begun dating their boss, Stan. Feeling terribly lonely, Jo ventures out? and before long circumstances bring her and Linda together. Linda and Jo are unable to fight the powerful attraction between them, however Jo's heart still yearns for the seemingly unattainable Betsy. When the relationship between Betsy and Stan grows and becomes entangled, Betsy turns to Jo for help and comfort? which is almost too much for Jo to bear. Almost.

A highly-talented writer, Valerie Taylor brings us the poignant and absorbing story of a young woman's search for love and fulfillment in a world of shadowed embraces and secret vows. And, as is often the case with her lesbian pulps, Ms. Taylor refuses to condemn her characters to negative and tragic consequences.

About Lesbian Pulp Fiction:

In the early 1950s new sub-genres of the vintage paperback pulp novel industry emerged--science fiction, juvenile delinquent, sleaze, and lesbian fiction, for instance--that would tantalize readers with gritty, realistic and lurid stories never seen before. Mysteries, thrillers and hardboiled detective pulps were already selling quite well. Publishers had come to realize, however, that sex would sell even more copies. In a competitive frenzy for readers, they tossed away their staid and straightforward cover images for alluring covers that frequently featured a sexy woman in some form of undress, along with a suggestive tag line that promised stories of sex and violence within the covers. Before long, books with these sensational covers had completely taken over the paperback racks and cash registers. To this day, the "good girl art" (GGA) cover art of these vintage paperback books are just as sought after as the books themselves were sixty years ago.

With the birth of the lesbian-themed pulp novel, women who loved women would finally see themselves--their experiences and their lives--represented within the pages of a book. They finally had a literature they could call their own. For lesbians across the country, especially those living in small towns, these books provided a sense of community they never knew existed, a connection to women who experienced the same longings, feelings and fears as they did--the powerful knowledge that they were not alone. We are excited to make these classic lesbian pulp novels available in ebook format to new generations of readers.