A Date with Darkness: A Novel of the Theological College of St. Van Helsing

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Categories: Fantasy/Romance
Publisher: BooksForABuck/BooksForABuck.com | Date published: 06/17/2011


It seemed like a brilliant plan. To entertain her young son on his spring break week, and to get back into the dating world, youthful widow Sally Cartwright advertises on a dating site, requesting that the dates put together an outing entertaining both to her and to Timmy. She never dreams that her ad will look like an invitation to every werewolf, vampire, ancient god or demonic force in England. Unfortunately, because Timmy was saved by his father's sacrifice, the dark forces see in him the potential for incredible power. Because she advertised herself, the Church of England's militant wing, the Theological College of St. Van Helsing, can do nothing--there are rules that govern the behavior of both dark and light. Mike Rider, though, is prepared to break the rules. Sally was his first love and he still cares for her. Unfortunately for him, Sally still hurts from their breakup and wants nothing to do with him. As the dark forces close in, Sally and Mike are forced to work together to save their own lives and those of Timmy, Sally's son. Author Vanessa Knipe continues her stories out of the St. Van Helsing Theological College with an exciting and emotional tale of a young mother trying to save her son from forces beyond her imagination. Her past history with Mike gives the story added emotional impact and Knipe's fully envisioned world of England and its magical forces grabbed my attention and wouldn't let go.