Assassin Treasure

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Categories: Romance/Suspense/Thriller
Publisher: Whispers Publishing | Date published: 06/03/2011


Candy witnesses the brutal slaying of her boss, Tyler Darren. Though she feels his death is justified, she finds herself in the position where she must flee for her life. She is certain Tyler's family will hunt her down and demand she reveal why a powerful assassin was sent to murder their son. That would place a young woman and associate, who had already suffered brutally, into more danger. Tyler's family isn't Candy's only threat; the huge blond assassin is tracking her with relentless determination.

After taking the assassin, Damien, on a wild goose chase into the remote woods, Candy's flight ends abruptly when his seasoned brother, Dirk, arrives to find her. They whisk her away to an isolated safe home in a distant country to decide her fate. Candy is terrified of Dirk and his family of powerful, wealthy assassins and she wonders at their intent.

But Dirk has a merciful side and despises the thought of Candy being injured if handed over to others who would hide her away from the world forever. He decides because of his loneliness, he will keep her with him in a marriage of convenience. He need never love her, as his heart had been shattered so long ago by another, yet he will still offer his protection, while ensuring her silence.

Having no one else, Candy begins to accept Dirk into her life, into her heart and into her bed. When she is suddenly stolen by the deceased man's twin brother, who would cause her demise, Candy thinks up an ingenious plan, hoping desperately to give Dirk the time he needs to find her.