Peace Love Music

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Categories: Romance/Erotica
Publisher: Eternal Press/Damnation Books LLC/Eternal Press | Date published: 05/07/2011


Jodi's birthday breaks her free of the foster care scene and launches her on a journey of self discovery. She thumbs her way to Woodstock to groove on peace, love, and music. The moment Blue spots Jodi strutting toward him barefoot in the rain, he's overcome with déjà vu. She doesn't share his feeling that they were lovers in a previous life, thinking it's half crazy, still she feels she's meant to be with the irresistible hippie. As an adult now Jodi's free to be naughty rather than nice and he's the man who can make her wildest dreams, the sensual ones, come true. Is she headed for a love in at his tepee? Excerpt: He could listen to Jodi's giggles all day. The tinkling sound was like a song. She had said yes. He felt seared by an inner blaze as he thought about riding home on the road hog bus with his arm draped around her slender shoulders as he kissed her tender lips. Her contagious laughter increased and he chuckled along with her at Sha Na Na's rendition of Teen Angel. She whispered in his ear. "That woke me up."His body tingled as her warm breath fanned his face."Yeah, it's good they did, Hendrix's next and we don't' want to miss that." After thinking of her shoulders and lips, Blue's eyes feasted on her creamy neck. He brushed his gaze down the strand of love beads he'd given her that hung against her jutting breasts. The sight of her nipples pressing against the white and black-striped fabric of her blouse fired the ache between his legs.