The Paradise Game [Hooded Swan, Book 4]

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Categories: Science Fiction
Publisher: Wildside Press | Date published: 06/01/1974


In a galactic culture that extends from quasi-utopian worlds like New Alexandria to the vermin-infested slums of Old Earth, the Star-Pilots are the great heroes of the day, and Grainger has become a legend in his own time. Pharos is paradise--or so it appears. But the champions of commerce want to package and sell the planet, and the conservationists want to stop them. Grainger's employer, Titus Charlot, is enlisted to negotiate a settlement, but the game is rigged. Charlot needs the Star-Pilot's help, but there seems to be nothing he can do--until the planet's ecosystem takes a hand, and "paradise" suddenly turns deadly! Hooded Swan, Book 4.