Memories of Death (Blood of my World Novella Two): A Paranormal Romance

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Categories: Romance/Horror
Publisher: Coscom Entertainment | Date published: 04/22/2011


Now submerged in the world of vampire slaying, Rose must come to terms with what that means for her relationship with Zach and if it's even possible for the two of them to be together.

Meanwhile, every moment spent with Rose helps bridge the gaps in Zach's memory, reminding him how much they meant to each other in their former life.

Rose's father, Marcus, is now even more dedicated to purging the Earth of the undead, so much so he's willing to kill the only boy Rose had ever loved to help make the world a safer place for her.

Likewise, a plot is in play to infiltrate the Slayer Order, even at the expense of a loved one.

The countdown begins and Zach and Rose must come to a decision as to where their loyalties lie, or if they're going to put each other above all else and face the consequences together.

Memories of Death, an approximately 23,000-word novella, will remind you that without love, we are nothing, and there are those we meet that change us for all time.