Hard Water

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Categories: Erotica/Gay-Lesbian Erotica/Romance
Publisher: Ravenous Romance/Ravenous Romance | Date published: 04/12/2011


Dominick Carlyle is a man kissed by fortune. He is a doctor on a small island in the Florida Keys. His clients are rich and generous. His house hugs the warm Gulf waters. He is handsome and available and can have any woman he wants... For the first time in his life, however, Dominick Carlyle wants a man. Josh Banyan is a man of action. On a daily basis, he has to bribe fortune to keep him alive. Climbing in and out of active volcanoes is the way he makes his living. He is brilliant, a world wanderer, a hard worker and a loner. A tragedy has taken his best friend and nearly stolen his own life. Josh Banyan just wants to heal. As one man ventures out into unknown waters, the other is struggling ashore from the abyss. When their paths cross, it is a spectacular collision. The question quickly becomes whether the men will sink or swim in these hard waters of love?