The Riflemen

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Categories: Historical Fiction
Publisher: Solstice Publishing/Solstice Publishing | Date published: 04/25/2011


Mexico, 1868. Two men. One white, one colored. Proficient in shooting with the long arm, the greatest long-range weapon of the age. The .50 caliber Sharps rifle. The ex-sharpshooters Nick Guardeen and Thaddeus Johnston receive an invitation from the Arizona State Governor. He offers them something they've never had before: land. So, for the promise of their very own homestead, they accept a highly dangerous mission across the border into Mexico. Hounded by a merciless gang of assassins, they press on into the desert redoubt of the self-styled and ruthless General Wyatt whose crazy ambition is nothing less than reinstating the Confederacy. Their only assistance comes from the beautiful and mysterious Christine Lenoir. She risks all as a spy in the heart of the renegade fortress, driven by her hatred for the General. Nick and Thaddeus need all their skills and fighting technique to survive against Apaches, murderers and a reinstated army of rebel forces.

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