Swan Song

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Categories: Mystery/Crime
Publisher: L&L Dreamspell/L&L Dreamspell | Date published: 04/05/2011


A talented musician's unsolved murder draws McLaren into another challenging investigation. Ex-police detective Michael McLaren had no intention of delving into another cold case of murder. And certainly had no intention of making his inquiries a new career. But when his fiancée dangles the intriguing aspects of the unsolved murder of local folk musician Kent Harrison before McLaren, he snaps at the bait. A popular music teacher at Grange Hall Performing Arts College, Kent Harrison had been, perhaps, more popular as a musician--a minstrel in the vein of 16th and 17th century troubadours. Though singing periodically with Dave Morley, a music shop clerk dying to make his name, money, and the big time, Kent usually appeared as a solo act. Especially during the Minstrels Court, an 8 day medieval event at Tutbury Castle. It was at that event that Kent, albeit unknowingly, last appeared and gave his swan song to his fans. McLaren first questions Kent's ex-wife. Was she still bitter over their divorce last year? Or had a possible argument escalated into murder? Other suspects soon crop up: Kent's neighbor, a local herbalist, Kent's fiancée, a covetous colleague?even the curator of another castle who tried to lure Kent into performing there. Unknown to McLaren, his fiancée is also asking questions. Determined to present him with an absorbing case, Dena plays detective to scrape up some motivating details. The more detailed story that she can tell McLaren, the better the chance of getting him involved, she believes. Not only to bring him back into her life but also to eradicate the depression and anger still clinging to him--anger from the great injustice that caused him to leave the police force last year. But Dena's sleuthing goes awry when she is kidnapped. Has she talked to a person who fears McLaren is closing in on him? Now McLaren must not only solve Kent's murder but also find Denaa hard task when a web of jealousy, anger and lies permeates both cases.