The Devil's Wife

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Categories: Dark Fantasy/Fantasy
Publisher: Champagne Books | Date published: 03/01/2011


Lucifer Morningstar is a law-abiding, upstanding gentleman of New York City. Lucifer Morningstar is the Devil. The owner of powerful magic, Lucifer could have the world at his feet, if not for his apathy and loneliness. But he's finally found a reason to survive, someone to stand by him through the rough and smooth of his life, to care for and have care for him. He's found a new wife. Clarissa opens Lucifer's eyes to the darkest side of the real world. It's not a pretty sight, full of paedophiles, murderers, rapists and thieves, all of which are personified in her ex-boyfriend. Can Clarissa convince Lucifer to do more than stand back and watch the world fall apart? The Devil will do anything to fix Clarissa's world. And he will kill anything, God, Demon or Angel that gets in his way.

Also Available from Holly Hunt