The Last Supper [Table for Two, Book Three]

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Categories: Erotica/Gay-Lesbian Erotica
Publisher: Samhain Publishing, Ltd. | Date published: 03/29/2011


Speak now, or forever lose your love? Table for Two, Book 3 Luc Tessier finally has all the ingredients of a perfect future assembled. His beautiful English fiancÚ, Daniel, on his arm, five hundred wedding guests on the way, and the honeymoon suite reserved. Now if only he can get Daniel to stop obsessing over last-minute details. So what if the date is set for Friday the thirteenth? After all they've been through to get to this point, what else is left to go wrong? Plenty, starting with Daniel's sudden determination to "save" himself for marriage. How does a healthy, hot-blooded Frenchman fend off a bachelor party stripper with one arm while trying to beckon his lover closer with the other--and not go insane? Daniel wishes he had it as easy as Luc, who's already finished preparing the extravagant menu. Between contending with a jealous best man, a spiteful mother-in-law, a bad haircut and Luc's frustrated libido, Daniel's ready to have a nervous breakdown of failed-pressure-cooker proportions. Forget making it to the church on time. If they make it through the thirteenth without someone ending up face-first in the wedding cake, it'll be a miracle? Product Warnings Contains more food-related hotness, men in leather thongs and much more Luc and Daniel.